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Take Your Business to Peak Financial Performance with the

CASH FLOW Accelerator

Let's dive into your world – where your business is the true star.

You've got a solid customer base, nailed that product-market magic and your revenue game is like clockwork. Impressive stuff!

Now, picture turning that success dial up a notch. That's where the CASH FLOW Accelerator steps in – your trusty sidekick for this next chapter.

Unleash the Power

We're not just talking efficiency; we're talking powerhouse-level efficiency.

The CASH FLOW Accelerator is custom-made for businesses like yours that crave that pro touch – where streamlined teams and organized approaches mean more success.

Let's Free Up Your Cash Flow


  • Finance: Secure the funding needed for those strategic moves you've been eyeing.

  • Operate: Run your day-to-day seamlessly with financial confidence.

  • Grow: Invest in expansion opportunities with ease.

  • Earn: Maximize profits by ensuring a steady and robust cash flow.

What to Expect

  • Operational Precision: Fine-tune your teams and systems for optimal performance.

  • Consistent Customer Journeys: Elevate your service standards for some seriously enhanced cash flow.

  • Effortless Financial Growth: Navigate the complexities of growing your business with confidence, guided by pros who've been around the block.

Why Choose the CASH FLOW Accelerator?


Get ready for a game-changer designed with the seasoned entrepreneur in mind.


This isn't just about meeting the demands of your next growth stage; it's about surpassing them.

Buckle up for a transformative journey that'll take your business to new heights.

10x Your Investment: Our Commitment to Your Results


Results matter. Period.


That's why we are dedicated to multiplying your FlowAngels investment with us, ensuring a 10x return in annual savings on your operating capital.


If, for any reason, we fall short, we're on it until we hit the mark.


And here's the kicker – you pay what you genuinely believe we've earned. That's a promise.

Your Journey, Your Choice


Now, it's decision time, and the ball is in your court.


Your business, your goals, and your aspirations.


We're here to offer not just solutions but tailored experiences.


Dive into the details of our three distinct packages below, each crafted to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.

Let's find the perfect fit for your journey.

Giving a Presentation

Unlock Success Without the Guesswork—Say Goodbye to Wasted Time and Missed Opportunities!


Think boosting your workflow is a maze? It doesn't have to be. The problem is, most folks are wandering without a map. That's where we come in.

At FlowAngels, we've already charted the course for you. Just let us take the wheel, and we'll steer you through our proven roadmap. You'll rev up your speed, fine-tune quality, slash costs, and elevate team spirit—faster than you can say 'profit.'


But wait, there's more. Stick with us, and you won't just save time—you'll build a business that's resilient, scalable, and primed for profits. Something you might never achieve going solo.

Ready for a sneak peek? Below is one of our tried-and-true cheat sheets that's been a game-changer for businesses for over 20 years.

Kickstart Your Workflow Revolution
Skip the Headaches—Let Us Turbocharge Your Workflow, Fast!


Look, it's not rocket science. You could slog through months of trial and error, or you could let FlowAngels fast-track you to a workflow that just 'clicks.'


We're talking game-changing improvements in speed, quality, and team morale—all while keeping more dollars in your pocket.


Ready to hit the fast lane? Want more profits, a happier team, and a workspace that flows, without the slog it usually takes?

Then grab your free discovery call now, while the offer's still hot.

Thanks for submitting! Expect a welcome email and a link to book your call.

Expert teaching classroom

Don't Be Part of the 70% Who Miss the Mark—Optimize Your Workflow with Expert Guidance


Let's face it, most businesses never find their groove. They're not setting the bar; they're just trying to reach it. But you? You're different. You're ready for a paradigm-shifting experience.

We'll not only guide you to double your efficiency but also empower you to keep those gains. Our clients have been amazed by the results, and you will be too.

 A Glimpse Of The Action-Packed Master Classes During Your "Workshop Booster"

  • Quick-Fire Frameworks: 30-minute gamified sessions that will spark inspiration and set the stage for change across your company.

  • Tactical Training: 60-minute deep dives for your workshop leaders to visualize and master workflows.

  • Strategic Insights: 30-minute briefings for business leaders to get a grip on workflow management and key performance indicators.

  • Operational Overhaul: 60-minute hands-on sessions to streamline your day-to-day tasks using proven methods.

  • Smooth Transitions: 150-minute shopfloor masterclasses to guide your team through the changes, making your operations smarter and faster.

And as a cherry on top, we're throwing in six essential templates to keep your business running like clockwork.

Checking numbers and savings.

Boost Savings and Efficiency Costing Only $2k Upfront—No More Breaking the Bank!


Imagine walking into your workshop and feeling the rhythm. Tasks are getting done like clockwork, your team is in the zone, and your bottom line is healthier than ever. We can get you there, and fast.

Here's the Deal:

  • Initial Boost: We dive into your workshop, fine-tune your workflow, and aim to save you $200k per year. This first boost is on us for only $2k. The only string attached? Your success becomes our billboard.

  • Going the Extra Mile & Beyond: Unlock more savings? We're in it together. We'll take a 10% commission on any additional annual savings we unlock for you. Why? Because we're committed to ensuring you get at least a 10x return on your investments with FlowAngels. And you've got a full 30 days post-workshop to validate those extra savings. Fair enough?

We're Not Just Making You Fast; We're Making You Smart-Fast.


We'll zero in on your workshop's future pace. By examining your operational hours, we'll project your performance for the next 12 months.

Focusing on your key revenue workflows, we'll gauge what's coming: customer demand, production, delivery, and revenue.

First up, Production Cycle Time—the time it takes to craft one product. By trimming this down, you're not just speeding up; you're becoming more efficient. Imagine more products rolling out in less time. That's money in the bank.

Next, Throughput Time—the clock from order to delivery. We'll fine-tune this to make you agile and responsive. Quicker deliveries don't just make happy customers; they make loyal ones.

With FlowAngels, you're not just speeding up; you're smartening up.

On Average, We Cut Your Cycle Time by 30% and Halve Your Throughput Time, Freeing Up Around 6% of the Work Capital Tied to That Workflow.

But wait, there's more to the magic.


You'll also see ripple effects across your operations:

  • Inventory Costs down by 2-5%: Less WIP means less money sitting idle.

  • Quality Costs cut by 1-3%: Fewer errors, less rework.

  • Utility Costs reduced by 1-2%: Less machine time, lower bills.

  • Space Utilization improved: Say goodbye to clutter, and hello to a more spacious workshop.

  • Supplier Costs drop by 1-3%: Better supply-demand alignment equals better negotiation power.

  • Overtime Costs fall by 1-2%: Get more done in regular hours.

  • Maintenance Costs dip by 1-2%: Less wear and tear on your machines.

  • Admin Overhead shrinks: Less tracking, more doing.

  • Opportunity Costs: Redirect saved capital into growth opportunities.

We're Not Just Making You Meet Standards—We Make Sure You Can Set Them.

We'll fine tune your workshop's quality compass.


By examining your core jobs to be done, we'll assess your performance, and set the gold standard for how they should be done.

Focusing on your key revenue workflows, we'll gauge how well you manage and meet time, skill, and results.


First up is Accuracy. We aim for the bullseye—doing exactly what's needed, no more, no less. Every action is both necessary and spot-on".


Next, we zero in on Reliability. This is your workshop's promise to deliver that same high level of quality, time and time again. No more roller coaster of good days and bad days. We'll implement systems that make excellence a habit, not a fluke.


With FlowAngels, you're not just upping the quality game; you're setting new standards.

On Average, We Improve Your Accuracy by 30% and Boost Your Reliability by 15%. This Frees Up Around 4-8% of the Work Capital Tied to That Workflow.

But the magic doesn't stop there.

You'll also experience transformative effects across your operations:

Waste Reduction: Cut down material waste by 3-5%, saving costs and the environment.
Rework Costs: Decrease by 2-4% due to fewer defects and errors.
Customer Returns: Drop by 1-3%, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing handling costs.
Energy Efficiency: Improved machine operation reduces energy costs by 1-2%.
Labor Efficiency: Higher quality means fewer do-overs, reducing labor costs by 2-3%.
Inventory Holding Costs: Reduced by 1-2% as better quality means less need for 'safety stock.'
Warranty Claims: Fall by 2-4%, reducing after-sales service costs.
Market Share: Improved quality can lead to increased market share, driving up revenue.
Opportunity Costs: Redirect saved capital into growth opportunities or R&D for continuous improvement.

Office Team Meeting
We're Setting The Stage For A Thriving Business Where Everyone Is Genuinely Excited  To Be Part Of The Journey.

We're diving into the emotional pulse of your business.

But we're not just honing in on the autonomy, belonging and competence within your team; we're also zooming out to include you, the business owner, and your customers.

First up is Inspiration, we're igniting that spark. Forget motivational posters; we're building a culture where everyone is passionate and invested in their future here. Inspired teams don't just hit targets—they shatter them, smiling, all while building meaningful relationships with colleagues and customers. They're not just doing a job; they're elevating everyone around them.

Next, Engagement, we're turning that inspiration into action. We're injecting a new level of energy into your workspace. Imagine a place where everyone is so engaged that they lose track of time. Tasks get done not just efficiently but joyfully. Engagement is more than clocking in and out; it's about taking pride and ownership in one's work. An engaged team isn't just productive; they're proactive, always looking for ways to improve and innovate.


With FlowAngels You get a team that's not just smashing targets but is genuinely thrilled to be part of the journey.


This isn't just 'feel-good' talk. We're backed by solid numbers:

Happy Employees Are 31% More Productive, Nine Times More Loyal, Six Times Less Absent, and Take Half as Many Sick Days. They Make 19% Fewer Production Errors, Boost Sales by 37%, and Ramp Up Team Creativity by 55%.

So when we say 'happier,' we're talking both vibes and the bottom line.

Strategy Meeting
We're Setting You Up For Long-term Success: Where Every Transaction Is Profitable And Every Decision Is Strategic.

Forget old-school cost-cutting; we're diving into a one-page master plan for your finances.

We'll examine your Throughput, OPEX, and CAPEX, and align them with your products' market value. The goal? To reveal hidden levers that elevate the profitability of your business


First on the agenda is the real cost—the Price tag of running your business. We'll maximize your revenue streams and align them with your operational and investment expenses. The end game? More bang for your buck, every single day, guaranteed.


Next, we tackle Value. Forget slapping a random markup on your products. We're aligning your price tags with the jaw-dropping value you're set to deliver. This isn't a race to the bottom; it's a climb to unparalleled value. If the price is the question, then we haven't made the value clear enough. The ideal scenario? Customers who believe your product is worth every penny.


With FlowAngels, you're not just fine-tuning finances; you're making leaps in your financial game.


While exact cost savings are hard to pin down, this is where big changes happen that boost your profit.

Already Coupled with Measurable Gains in Speed, Quality, and Morale, This Last Cost Segment Rounds Out a Powerhouse of Improvements.

The end result? Your business doesn't just survive; it thrives in unexpected ways.

After implementing these cost improvements, you can expect a holistic transformation in your financial landscape. Here's how:

Working Capital Freed up by 3-7%: Efficient cash flow management means more liquidity for growth.
CAPEX Efficiency up by 2-5%: Smarter investments in equipment and technology.
OPEX Savings of 2-4%: Streamlined operations reduce day-to-day costs.
Revenue Growth of 3-8%: Better pricing strategies and value delivery can boost your top line.
Profit Margins Improved by 2-5%: Enhanced value delivery and cost management directly impact the bottom line.
ROI Accelerated: Faster returns on your investments.
Debt Reduction: Lower costs and higher efficiency can help you pay down debts faster.
Financial Risk Mitigation: A more robust financial strategy means less vulnerability to market fluctuations.
Strategic Investments: Extra capital for R&D, marketing, or even a strategic acquisition.

Remember, these aren't just incremental changes; they're transformative shifts that redefine your financial strategy, making your business not just viable but exceptionally profitable.


The percentages listed above are illustrative and based on industry averages and our past experiences.

Actual savings can vary depending on your specific business circumstances. A detailed analysis is essential for precise figures tailored to your operation.

Welder in workshop.
This is not for everyone...

This deal is for manufacturing businesses pulling in between $5M and $50M annually, with at least 20 staff members and a monthly revenue stream of $550k or more. Ready to level up? You're our kind of people.

Who We're Perfect For:

  • Business owners serious about achieving optimal workflow

  • Teams eager to implement changes for immediate impact

  • Leaders looking for a proven, ROI-driven approach

🚫 Who We Don't Work With:

  • Know-it-alls who aren't open to new ways of doing things

  • Individuals who are unkind or disrespectful

  • Those who aren't ready to act on our expert advice


Hand up during Zoom call

Ready to Transform
Your Workshop?

Before we roll up our sleeves we'll sit down for a strategy chat to make sure we're all on the same page.

This is where we lay out the blueprint for your operational makeover.

Your $2,000 upfront payment is refundable until the 2nd day of the workshop.

Don't let another day of chaos and missed opportunities pass you by. Ready to get started? Secure your spot in the fast lane.

Book your 30-minute Free Discovery Call to kickstart your on-site 'Workshop Booster" and experience the transformation.

Thanks for submitting! Expect a welcome email and a link to book your call.

"Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment: The FlowAngels Short Pay Guarantee."

We stand by the value we deliver. That's why we introduce our Short Pay Guarantee.


If you feel the value received doesn't match what you were invoiced, simply pay what you believe it's worth.


It's our promise to align our success with your satisfaction. No bull, no hassle, just fair pricing that reflects the real benefits to your business.

©2023 by FlowAngels.

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